Making Home-Made Butter

I was super-psyched to finally find raw milk!  It’s sold at the McAllen farmer’s market, and comes from hormone- and antibiotic-free cows that are grass-fed.

The downside?  Though it’s delicious, it’s way too thick and creamy for me to drink on a daily basis straight from a glass or in my cereal.  So I decided to do something with all that cream in it: make butter.

Of course I wasn’t going to go out and buy anything fancy to churn the butter, especially knowing that somehow my aunt has always churned butter by hand.  So I did some research online, and discovered different ways to make butter.  Here’s the process that worked for me.

1.) I poured the milk into large, wide containers (a pitcher and a large jar) and left it in the fridge overnight for the cream and milk to separate.

2.) The next morning, I scooped out the cream, which had formed a layer on the top, with a spoon and set it in a jar (the jar was about 1/3 full, which would give the cream enough room during the churning/shaking step).  I covered the jar and set it on the countertop for about 6 hours.

3.) After about 6 hours, the cream had a fermented odor.  I turned on an episode of Parks and Rec, sat down with my covered jar, and shook the cream as vigorously as I could for the duration of the episode (about 20 minutes).  By the end, I saw butter!

4.) There was also some liquid (I read that this is buttermilk) in the jar, so I strained the butter from the liquid (then drank the buttermilk).

5.) Next, I washed the butter (by simply running cold water over it).

6.) I then placed the butter in a bowl, squished it along the sides of the bowl, and drained out any remaining liquid from the bowl.

7.) Lastly, I added some salt (to taste) and placed my butter in a jar to be stored.

The verdict?  My butter has a more “milk-y” undertone/aroma than store-bought butters.  Pretty good for my first try; next time, I look forward to making an herb-flavored butter.


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