New on the menu: Wild-Caught Tuna Steaks

Part of the excitement of eating more selectively is being forced to choose new foods based on my new standards.  I was looking for decently-priced wild-caught seafood at Sprouts, and tuna steaks – which I had never tried before – were on sale.  I paid $10.04 for two steaks – not bad, considering that I usually pay about $11 for the farm-raised salmon we have for dinner once a week.

Eager to sample this fish, I sprinkled it with salt and pepper and pan-seared it.  Inspired by some recipes I saw online, I made a yogurt sauce with fresh cilantro, fresh mint, garlic, jalapeno, ginger, lime juice, salt, and pepper.  I also made some brown rice (the microwaveable kind – I was short on time) and sauteed bok choy with garlic and soy sauce.

The verdict: An edible recipe that I would not make again.  The tuna steaks turned out very dry.  Though the sauce helped moisten them, I learned that while I love yogurt sauces, I should probably avoid adding mint to them.  In the end, I’d love to give tuna steaks one more try – with a recipe that ensures a moist outcome!


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