Grass-fed beef

I was super-excited to find a place that sells grass-fed beef in the Valley!  Since I’m trying to buy local as much as possible, McAllen Ranch proved to be a delicious option for beef.  After placing my order on Monday, I could pick up my beef on Thursday.  I naively expected to go to the farm where the cattle were raised and meet the happy relatives of my future dinner, and as I followed my GPS to the beef pick-up location I got even more confused.  The meat is sold in a building in a different town than the town where the farm is located.  It has a pretty fancy exterior with a khaki facade, steps to the door with a buzzer, and pillars.  The building was unlabeled, I did not see the street number on it, and there were no cars (meaning, absolutely zero cars) in front of it, so at one point I was convinced that this beef location was a scam.  Thankfully I had brought the phone number with me, so I gave the saleswoman a ring and eventually found the place and got inside.    We bought 4 pounds (the minimum) of ground beef, at a comparable price to the supermarket beef I buy, and 2 24-ounce T-bones.  The price for the T-bones seemed high ($32), but one T-bone fed the two of us, so in the end it paid off.  Luis soon cooked the T-bones with salt, pepper, and some steak seasoning.  I feel great with this healthy option closeby, knowing that I am not only treating my body well but supporting a local and ethical industry.

The downside: our T-bone was cooked in a pan, leading to a scrumptious supper that we wish we could make even better with a different method of preparation.  Next up on our purchasing agenda: a grill, to get the best out of those pricey steaks!


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